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About Us

Himachal Pradesh University was established by an Act of the Legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh on 22nd July, 1970 as a response to the needs and aspirations of the Union Territory, poised for full statehood in the Union of India on 25th January, 1971. It is the only multi-faculty residential and affiliating university in the State that provides higher education to urban, rural and tribal areas through formal and distant modes.

The headquarters of the University is located at Summer Hill, the picturesque suburb of Shimla. The University has a total area of 241.11bighas with stately buildings set among rhododendron, silver oak, pine and deodar trees. It affords a salubrious clime and congenial atmosphere for reflection, study and research. The prime objective of the University is to disseminate knowledge, advance learning and understanding through research, training and extension programmes. It instills in its students and teachers a conscious awareness regarding the social and economic needs, cultural ethos, and future requirements of the state and the country.

Himachal Pradesh University is a multi-faculty and affiliating university. It stands for knowledge, learning, progress, humanity, tolerance, intellect, morality, determination, thought, and discernment. It is a grade ‘A’ accredited university by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council.


A university guest house typically offers various amenities and services to make the stay of guests comfortable and enjoyable. These amenities can vary from one university to another, but here is a list of common amenities you might find at a university guest house:

  • Accommodation: Comfortable guest rooms with a range of options, such as single rooms, double rooms etc.
  • Heating: Climate control in rooms to ensure guest comfort.
  • Bathroom Facilities: Private or shared bathrooms with hot and cold water.
  • Housekeeping: Regular room cleaning and fresh linens.
  • Dining Facilities: On-site dining options, including a Mess Service
  • Parking: Ample parking space for guests' vehicles.
  • Reception Desk: A front desk for check-in, check-out, and guest inquiries.

Please note that the availability of these amenities can vary greatly between different university guest houses. It's a good idea to check with the specific guest house or university for their exact offerings and any additional amenities they may provide.

Contact Us

S. No.NameDesignationTelephone No.
1 DR. Vinay Kumar Sharma In charge Faculty House 8629822461
2 MR. Ankush Verma Caretaker Faculty House 9882377633